biography berth

Born: Calden, Germany, November 1953

1971-1981 working as customs officer, forklift- and truckdriver and other jobs in Germany and Ireland

1981-1986 studies in philosophy / sociology /communication, Wilhelms University Muenster / Germany

1982-2000 boat design and boat building

1992-2010 designing and manufacturing of wooden furniture

1989- sculpturing with wood

2006- virtual art, machinima

2008- working in collaboration ( dAbE-art ): land art

living in UK and Germany


  • 1978-81 exhibitions with paintings and installations Overberg Institute/Münster, Germany
  • 2008-2010 in collaboration (dABe-art) Fishguard/Public Gallery and Walled Garden/Solva land-art, sculptures
  • 2012 Modern Panic III, Apiary Studios, London
  • 2013 “Dall’Acqua Nasce L’anima…”, Palazzo Gallio/Gravedona/Lake Como/Italy
  • 2013 permanent exhibition on narrowboat “Wånderlust” at UK’s canals and rivers
  • 2015 “Artists On The Canals” – several group exhibitions