Unique work carved by Berth from a single piece of beechwood, oiled and waxed.




2010, 2017,  28 x 12 x 6 cm.  .

I had the idea to hide something in a kind of thornbush. It never happened. And like so many stuff it was hanging around for years.
In one of the revisions of the workshop/the ideas/ the seasons – it came back into my hand and I suddenly had the clear picture. There were just a few cuts, some edges to be rounded, some bold holes to be drilled and the final smoothing (what lasts days normally), and out came Luhman.
I was reading Niklas Luhmann’s “Love As Passion” (“Liebe als Passion”, Frankfurt, 1982), a comprehensive work about love as a semantic code, played to the rules of society. I found some interesting similarity. Soft and spiky. One of my favorites.