hidden reality

Since 2008 dabe-art is a collaboration of land artist and photgrapher mAgdA and sculptor Berth. We are working together to join our artistic forces.

Landart Forest


Land Art urges us to re-examine our relationship with landscape and nature, Land Art Forest will recreate nature.
A forest as a big piece of Land Art, what people can experience outside a gallery/museum. A piece of art that people can see, hear, smell, touch, feel and taste. A forest as art to walk through even become a part of the art work.

Land Art Forest can’t be owned or sold, a tree never leaves a forest (her seeds maybe), the forest belongs to the trees.
Made by humans in collaboration with nature, in 400 years you still see a pattern.
Human and nature, spirit and matter are interdependent and indivisible an invisible reality.

Land, trees and seeds are bought to create the Land Art Forest, bought by the members owned by the trees.
Each member agrees to never sell their share in the forest, the land art forest club is the legal owners yet nobody can buy the club.
The share-holders can only give their share(s) to the next human generation.

If you would like to be a part of the Land Art Forest you can put your name and contact details on a special tree free piece of paper. When we have enough people together a club will be formed and more people will be congregated to become a member until the land and trees can be bought.

For more information: www.dabe-art.org
Phone mAgdA on 0031 (0)634018555



Berth’s  sculptures. This shows the work from the 80s to now.

For work that is still available see here.


Magda’s Photography: