land art

I start my beach art with an “automatic” sand drawing, which then gets filled with rocks collected from the same location. Automatic means: without aim. The next h igh tide lets the art work disappear under the waves.
Most of the beach art was made on beaches of Pembrokeshire, Wales, where the artist lived for more than 20 years.
The other land art pieces are part of a 2.2 acres garden called ‘Vagdavercustis’, made on an old potato field near St Davids.

The inspiration for the poem comes from the landscape in which it is written.
The poem gets written in sand and sometimes filled with rocks or it get written on rocks and made in a pattern.
The poetry is written with chalk or charcoal and some letters with white ink as a surprise to the next beach comer. All land art, poetry and photographs are made by land artist mAgdA.