mAgdA continues to explore and establish the concept of a cultured wilderness, growth of the wild and cultivated, natural and human side by side, a forever changing canvas of earth art and sculpture. Vagdavercustis land acted as the blank canvas on which 9 small circles were placed around one large circle. Each small circle embrace a symbol some came from research into the history of the land others came from the place the circle represent and some from an experience on the land. You can read more in mAgdAs book THE MAKING OF VAGDAVERCUSTIS” To fully appreciate the work one has to look close to see the details as well as the overall concept. Just to see a picture or an image of the work never gives you the true feeling of the work. To walk on it to walk around it touching it smelling it even tasting it let the work become a part of the person who sees it. Vagdavercustis is now in other hands. It is a work about the identification (response) between the artist and the natural environment and was created by mAgdA on a 2 acres potato field. She looked 6 years for the right piece of land to give something back to nature. At the foot of Clegyr Boia near StDavids in pembrokeshire she found that perfect site. The land is at the north site of a big green rock called clegyr boia  – one of the first settlements in Wales. The rock is common land and has a natural environment surrounded by agricultural land and on the west site of the land is Trefeiddon Moor, an conservation area managed by the National Trust. The land is situated on a peninsula surrounded by rocky outcrops and hills which gives the feeling to be in the middle of a natural stone circle. It took her around 700 days and costed her around £20,000 to create what is now known as Vagdavercustis.
About the creation of Vagdavercustis Magda wrote and published a book. Please contact us if you would like to purchase one of the last copies.