For three years we were running a pop up gallery and an open-air-shop on narrow boat  “Wånderlust”.
We were cruising the canal network of Britain and stop where ever we like to show and sell our work.
In 2015 we organized the “Artists on the Canal Tour“. In 2016 we stayed for 5 month at Mercia Marina in Derbyshire and open the gallery/shop on a daily base. Wånderlust” is a 47ft Stenson-Design built in 1992 with a traditional stern design.The propulsion comes from a 35hp Beta/Kubota engine. It shows a traditional layout: engine room aft following owners cabin, bathroom, galley/living room. “Wånderlust” was in a sad state when we bought it, technically it was fine though. We sanded and painted the cabin and roof, resealed the windows and vents and refurbished parts of the living area.
With 47ft “Wånderlust” doesn’t offer plenty of space but is nice to maneuver and cheap in the overall costs. The pop up gallery/shop was easy to set up; in twenty minutes we installed all boards and elements to present our work to the public. All shop elements were connected to the boat’s site so we don’t use the towpath or other parts of the embankment at all to make her ready as an arts and crafts narrowboat.

Voor 3 mooie jaren waren we op een kanaalboot op het kanaalsysteem van Wales en Engeland.
De boot was onze varende ‘galerie’ uit de dakdoos toverde we in nog geen 20 minuten een ‘popup’ winkel. Met een speciale vergunning op zak vaarde we langs land en door stad om onze kunst te verkopen en te maken.
De kanalen zijn op zich een stukje kunstwerk met vele verborgen wonderen, je doet alles; zelf de brug openen en het schutte van de sluis, gewoon alles.