05 Margoyles

(My Mugglas are now in an exhibition in Dordrecht/NL and not available online anymore.)

Like my Mugglas the Margoyles are the result of a period when I didn’t have enough time to do “serious” sculpting but needed to get my hands on wood.
So I invented my “Funny Day” to create some work that I could finish in a day or two.
What are Margoyles?
Margoyles –  that is how it appears to me –  are tiny daemons – nature spirits – who act like guardians of your sleep. Sometimes they watch over your day dreams as well. They can be brave or noble, good and lucky, but they can be pester you as well. Just as you wish them to be.
Margoyles are related to Tupilaks – an inuit figure of an ancestor’s soul or spirit. You can see the relationship straight away.
My Margoyles are little figures, around 80 – 90 mm high, and hand carved from black walnut, beechwood, maple or olive wood and each of them are unique.