04 Mugglas

The Mugglas are an invention during the time I was to occupied with other things than creating sculptures. I still needed to get my hand on wood but knew I wouldn’t have the time to concentrate. So I started a series of little figures that I could finish in a day or two. Since then I have a “fun and play day” with carving a muggla.
What are Mugglas?
Mugglas are carved from different hardwood and representing some species forgotten or not yet approached by EVOLUTION.
I tried to give them a live by using a selection of hard woods mainly from West Africa and Central America. Their size is around 15 x 5 x 5 cm and they are oiled and waxed.
Recently I went back to beechwood for my Mugglas. The main reason is the accessibility of sustainable harvested hardwoods from Africa, Asia and South America. Beech trees are – together with oaks – the most common hardwood trees of Europe. And I love the subtle grain and texture and the colour of oiled beechwood.
My Mugglas are quite wanted by collectors and are sold out quickly, but I make sure, that every week there is another little hardwood criter on the virtual shelf.