06 photographs

subtle photographY
hidden notions within tiny interactions 

Many moons ago the photo experiment started with a Practica camera, these days i explore more the artistic expression with the camera as a tool to create, rather than seeing the camera as a tool to document a moment in time.
The aim is to show what glory lays hidden under our feet, making people wonder what they see, making them look again.
Some of the photos are a bit surreal, while others have a notion of abstract, most have drops. The photos are taken handheld, no tripod is used, all with natural light, no studio light and most are outdoor photos.
The photos are available as photo-cards, suitable for small frames making the card perfect for a small present.
Some of the photos are printed large size; 30 X 40 and 30 X 20 centimetres. Most photos can be printed larger size, ask for more information.