01 wooden sculptures

All sculptures are unique and hand carved by Berth. Material is usually oiled and waxed european beechwood.
All pieces are – if not mentioned differently – from a single piece of wood. You will get a unique piece of art of high artistic quality.
Because of the hardness beechwood is quite demanding for carvers, and tools have to be sharpened more often. The reward is the subtle grain and texture and the golden colour, specially when treated with good oils and waxes, like  I do.
Some of the work is mounted to a plywood board with black canvas and can be hanged at a wall. Usually we deliver our work without a plinth for saving posting costs.
Berth is also taking commissions. So if you want a pice of unique art with personal touch, just contact us.
You can return an undamaged sculpture in 6 days and will be refunded. For details see our policies.
If you are purchasing more than one piece you will get a reduction over the shipping costs.